Past and Present Clients

• Soneticom Inc.- Melbourne, Florida

    – MJT ISS provided systems engineering and product management for Soneticom’s product development efforts

        • System and Subsystem Requirements Development

        • System Requirement and Design Review Conduct

        • System Test Plan and Procedure Development

        • Engineering Processes and Procedure Development

        • Program Management and Controls

• EADS North America Defense-Huntsville, Alabama

     – MJT ISS provided consulting support services in program planning, information technologies and office
        infrastructure support services

• Missile Defense Agency/Kinetic Energy Operations Program Office

      – MJT ISS subcontracted through MEI Corporation provided

      • system engineering support definition and management of system requirements specifications and
        internal and external interfaces requirements

      • program planning, financial planning, and congressional requirements

      • contractual structure and change planning in support of the program acquisition

      • contract requirements package development for engineering change proposals

• Missile Defense Agency/BMDS Concurrent Test Training and Operations Program Offices

    – MJT ISS currently subcontracts through Teledyne Solutions, Inc. (previously through Sparta/Cobham) provides

      • systems engineering and program level technical support in developing CTTO concepts, training system         architectures and requirements IAW warfighter requirements for implementation into BMDS elements

      • developing requirements specifications and statements of work (SOWs) for engineering change proposals for         future Concurrent Test Training and Operational (CTTO) capabilities being evaluated for C2BMC and
        other BMDS elements

      • development of the Distributed Training Systems concepts and architecture being developed meeting
         warfighter BMDS level training, warfighter exercise, and wargame requirements

      • technical liaison to the C2BMC prime contractor IPTs for all CTTO and Distributed Training development and         deployment efforts. Ensure all capabilities are being implemented IAW program plan, technical requirements,         performance measure (technical, cost and schedule performance)

• CEXEC, Inc. – Reston, Virginia

     – MJT ISS currently provides systems engineering and technical support to the FAA support of the
        Next Generation Voice Switching program (NVS), the Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS), and
        the VSCS training and Backup System (VTABS) programs

      • System and Subsystem Requirements, and Interface Requirements Development

      • System and Subsystem Requirement Analysis

      • Operational requirements analysis for Air Traffic Controller and Airways facilities

      • Training and Backup system capabilities and requirements analysis

      • Vendor/Industry Product Review and Evaluation

      • Program Acquisition Documentation Development

      • Program Acquisition Strategy Development

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